• With our Academic Assessment package, check in with your child’s progress. We’re here to support your next steps.

    We are pleased to be offering an exclusive package that includes our Holland Park Education Full Academic Assessment, specially designed to give you and your child insight on how they are performing, identify particular strengths, understand where there may be gaps and most importantly, suggested next steps so your child can reach their full potential.

    The package includes:

    *A phone consultation with our Head of Consultancy to get to know your child and your family, understanding any concerns or goals ahead of recommending an assessment.

    *1-2 written papers and a computer test depending on the subject matter or academic requirement. A mock interview can be included.

    *Marking and analysis by one of our leading Holland Park tutors who specialises in your child’s subject area and age bracket.

    *A detailed five page report featuring the results and analysis, explaining the performance and areas for focus and making specific suggestions on next steps.

    *Follow up discussion with an Academic Specialist to answer any questions, clarify the advice, and help set up a plan for moving forward.

    Total cost of Academic Assessment offer: £500
    Please call our office at 0207 034 0888 for details on how to book.


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