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Our education consultants are here to guide you through every element of your child’s educational journey. We will help you navigate the best path, allowing your child to thrive at every step of the way.

Our consultants can:

  • Help you select the right nurseries, schools or universities
  • Carry out academic assessments to gauge their current level and identify academic weaknesses
  • Conduct mock interviews for 11+, Sixth Form or Oxbridge entrance
  • Advise on whether A levels, the International Baccalaureate or the High School Diploma is the best choice for your child

With experts in every level from nursery to university, Holland Park’s consultancy team will recognise your child as an individual, celebrate their strengths, nurture their passions and help them to flourish, and ultimately gain entry to the top schools in the UK.


We offer one-off consultations to address any educational issue. Families come to us with a range of queries. Recent consultations have addressed such questions as:

  • My daughter has exceeded expectations in her A levels. Should she reapply to university?
  • Which are the schools in the UK that accept international students?
  • Our son is dyslexic. Which boarding schools in the UK will support him most effectively?
  • How do I maximise my son’s chances of getting into Eton College?
  • Where are the best primary schools in Kensington and Chelsea?
  • IB or A level – which curriculum would bring out the best in my child?

Whatever the topic, our consultants can put your mind at ease and help you feel informed.

Please get in touch on +44 (0) 20 7034 0800 to book a consultation with an impartial specialist, in person or via Skype or the telephone.


  • “We believe that decisions about education should be exciting, not bewildering.”