Holland Park Education is uniquely positioned to support in education consultancy and tuition needs for parents looking for the perfect nursery, ahead of other businesses in the industry.

    • Locate the perfect UK school or London nursery for your children
    • Smooth and efficient relocation between nursery schools, from within the UK and abroad
    • Offer external programs and further challenges for students in UK nursery schools

    Holland Park Education has identified the best services to offer clients from all over the world, in order to address all of their nursery education needs.

    • Providing unique academic assessments at 3+ and 4+
    • Choosing top UK nursery schools
    • Support in applying to competitive nursery schools and standing out from the crowd
    • Offering interview prep and feedback

    It is natural that parents start planning their children’s formal education early. London’s nursery scene is increasingly competitive. Top nurseries provide a well-trodden path into the most competitive pre-preps and primary schools. This is why we offer antenatal advice to ensure that expectant parents can plant firm and stable roots for their growing family.

    Our specialist Nursery and Early Years consultants will look after you and your young family throughout the process of nursery selection and placement. Having worked at nurseries in London and abroad, our consultants know what makes an outstanding nursery in terms of curriculum, ethos and style.

    Whether you are wondering about the most prestigious nurseries in your area, or which area you should move to, our consultants will help you identify a shortlist and narrow it down to the best one for your child.


    It may be useful to get an idea of your child’s academic potential in order to inform the decisions you make about primary or pre-prep schools.

    Our expert consultants can deliver a gentle assessment and give you an honest idea of how they compare to their peers at this early stage.

    For more information about how we can assist at this critical stage, and discuss your specific needs, please be in touch with our office on +44 (0) 20 7034 0800


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  • “We believe that decisions about education should be exciting, not bewildering.”