Since 2004 Holland Park has been committed to giving parents and children access to the best private tutors, and each year, Holland Park tutors help students achieve places at the most sought after schools, pass public and entry exams and reach target grades. We work with only the most engaging individuals and our selection process is among the most rigorous.  Everyone remembers their inspiring teachers and we have assembled an exceptional cadre of just these people. Private tuition isn’t simply about having another teacher, it is about empathetic and highly qualified people taking the time to listen to your child and understand their interests and abilities as an individual. They find and prepare fun and interesting resources, teach them techniques which suit their learning style and cover material in as many ways as are needed until your child understands it. Every year we assist hundreds of families, each with their unique goals. We recommend private tuition for:
    • Exam preparation – help preparing for all public and entrance exams
    • Boosting weaker subjects – support throughout the school year
    • Catch up from illness – filling in gaps due to prolonged absence
    • Stretching gifted students – to support interests and stellar performance
    • Home-schooling – educating students in the UK and abroad who are outside mainstream education
    Whether your child needs to be supported, challenged, inspired, motivated, or all four, we are here help.  


    From the very beginning Holland Park has built our tutoring provision around our four core values:

    • Treating each child as an individual – tailoring teaching content and style to the pupil
    • Building confidence in our pupils – allowing them to question and get things wrong without judgement of peers or teachers
    • Inspiring teachers – only the best are allowed to work with Holland Park
    • Open communication – between Holland Park, the tutors, parents and, where possible, the school to give the student complete support

    We provide a tailored approach to help your child achieve their best. We help children fulfil their potential, and, as hundreds of families have experienced over the years, we understand what a significant impact the right tutor can have on your child’s education.

    Our experienced Tuition Consultants will help you find the best tuition programme for your specific requirements. Please get in touch with the team on +44 (0) 20 7034 0800 who are always on hand to help with advice and support.


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