Holland Park hosts a calendar of events across the academic year. We offer popular exam preparation courses during the autumn and spring months, geared towards those sitting their 7+, 8+, 11+, Pre-Test and 13+ exams. We also attend exhibitions such as the annual Independent Schools Show in London in November.

This year, we are proud to introduce our Insight Sessions, hosted by our Director of Consulting, featuring interesting industry insiders, including school and nursery headteachers. For more information about these and other upcoming events, please see below or contact us by phone or enquire here.

13th March 2018
How to get your son into an elite British prep school
Ampersand Hotel, SW7 | 13th March 2018 | 10am-12 noon

Robin Badham Thornhill, former Head of Summer Fields in Oxford will offer his insights on how to get your son into a leading Prep School. We will specifically focus on Ludgrove, Summer Fields and Cothill.

Discussion points will include:

– when to register your son and how the entrance process works

– the differences between 7+ and 8+

– the advantages of British Prep schools in preparing for entrance to top senior schools

– what boarding prep school can offer your son with extra-curricular activities

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26th April 2018
The importance of reading lists & extra curricular activities for competitive school entrance
104 Lancaster Gate, W2 3NT | 26th April 2018 | 10am-12 noon

Most top schools are looking for well-rounded individuals who have talents that lie beyond the classroom as well as within it. A child’s extra-curricular choices speak volumes about what kind of person that child really is.

Discussion points will include:

– how to read effectively with your young child

– how to encourage your son or daughter to read widely

– the importance of extra-curricular activities in preparing your son or daughter for senior school entrance

– suggestions for activities that will ensure your son or daughter stands out from the crowd

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24th May 2018
Oxbridge - how to choose a course and college
104 Lancaster Gate, W2 3NT | 24th May 2018 | 10am-12 noon

Dr Sara Gordon, who interviewed History candidates at three different Oxford colleges, will give you her advice on how to choose a course and college at Oxbridge. With twelve years’ experience behind her, Dr Gordon will share her fascinating insider understanding of the system. Students are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Questions to be covered include:

– the relationship between colleges and courses

– the differences between colleges

– Oxford or Cambridge? How to decide between the two

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14th June 2018
A look ahead to the 11+ & 13+ pre-tests, and how to use the summer constructively (year 5 & 6)
104 Lancaster Gate, W2 3NT | 14th June 2018 | 10am-12 noon

Many girls and boys at school in London will face major exams in Year 6. For many top day schools 11+ (Year 7) is their biggest entrance point. For those that are looking to move at 13+ (Year 9), they are increasingly likely to face Pre-Tests in Year 6 at the same time as those taking 11+.

We want you to feel fully prepared when it comes to this crucial point. We will guide you through the whole process, from choosing the right schools for your son or daughter, interpreting the different assessment requirements and timeframes, to preparing effectively in English, Maths, Reasoning and Interviews. We will also talk about the computerised tests (produced by CEM or ISEB) that some schools now use, including St Paul’s, St Paul’s Girls, JAGS and Eton.

During the session Padraic Fahy will talk through the strategy required for success in Year 6, be it in 11+ entrance exams or Pre-Tests for 13+ entry.


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