Britain and the USA boast many of the best universities in the world; a degree from a top university can open doors throughout a person’s life. Decisions about choosing a course and university are only the beginning of this exciting process, and we work with university lecturers and accomplished academics to support students throughout their undergraduate university careers, as well as onto postgraduate qualifications such as those in Finance, Accounting and Law. Everybody's path to university is different, bringing with it different challenges. We offer:
    • Support in choosing courses, universities and colleges
    • Assistance with applications via UCAS including Personal Statement advice
    • Specialist Oxbridge application advice
    • Specialist advice for Medicine applications
    • Mock interviews and interview preparation
    • Specialist preparation for written admissions tests
    • Gap year advice and planning
    • Work experience and internship guidance
    • Course change advice
    Please get in touch for details on the breadth of our university support services, including how we can help with USA university applications.


    Once you reach university, ensuring you are fulfilling your potential is key. We work with experienced tutors to help you throughout your course. This can include guidance with dissertations, learning course-specific software, preparation for vocational exams and general subject guidance. Many of our students also benefit from an ongoing mentoring relationship which can help to bridge the gap between school and university; mentors will guide students through that transition and ensure that they develop the organisation and self-motivation that is required for undergraduate success.

    In addition to this, we advise on postgraduate courses, particularly for those who wish to gain professional qualifications or take a vocational subject. This might be finding the right MBA in the UK, Europe or USA, identifying the best place to take a Law conversion course (Graduate Diploma in Law) or get a place at a top teacher training college.

    If you decide that your choice of course or university was not quite right first time around, we will direct you in your search for an institution where you will flourish.

    Please get in touch with our Consulting Team on +44 (0) 20 7034 0800 to discuss how we can help with your application.



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  • “We believe that decisions about education should be exciting, not bewildering.”