In order to plan well for a young person's future, university and careers should be part of the conversation by the time GCSE (or equivalent level) subjects are chosen. By planning early, you can prevent your child from missing out on important opportunities which may later affect their academic choices, as well as ensuring that they will present as an attractive applicant who will contribute to all aspects of life at university. With more and more candidates approaching universities with the top grades, it is important that your child has developed their skills and experience through taking part in arts, sports or other extra-curricular activities at school. Please get in touch for details on the breadth of our university support services, including how we can help with US university applications.  


    Whether you are already working to meet the offer of your first choice University, or thinking about the long-term steps you should take to ensure your eventual application is a strong one, our experienced tutors and consultants are on hand to guide you through the process.

    We assist with:

    • University and course selection
    • Personal statement construction
    • Application management
    • Assistance with ‘clearing’


    Please get in touch with our Consulting Team on +44 (0) 20 7034 0800 to discuss how we can help with your application.


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