Holland Park Education is prepared to closely analyse a student’s academic performance and strategically plan for long-term improvement, or provide further challenges to push a student further.

    Holland Park Education liaises with specialists and colleagues in the education sector to create bespoke plans for furthering a student’s potential long term.



    Selecting the right school for your child is both complex and confusing, yet it is one of the most important decisions that you and your family will make. After consultation with parents and the child, where appropriate, Holland Park can develop a flexible but comprehensive map, planning a child’s educational career from nursery to university and beyond. Every child is unique and therefore every map bespoke.

    Strategic planning is about ensuring that your child has options open to them and does not miss opportunities. It helps you to feel calm and confident that you are giving them the right level of support at the right moments.

    Roadmapping can start before birth and track a child all the way to postgraduate study; it might also have a narrower chronological focus:

    Of course, plans change and so do children. Our maps are designed to be revisited and reviewed regularly. As a child grows up and develops different passions, strengths and ambitions, the map may need to be adjusted. The family’s needs may also change, perhaps due to relocation, and thus the map may need to be tweaked. Regardless of how often and how dramatically the map changes, though, it will constantly serve as a reference point and guide to ensure that at each step thoughtful, informed decisions are being made, and the right support put in place.



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  • “We believe that decisions about education should be exciting, not bewildering.”

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