We are thrilled to now be taking bookings for our online courses and group activities!

    Holland Park Education has created a virtual clubhouse, providing online academic and extracurricular courses and group activities where students can benefit from continuity of education and community activities during the coronavirus crisis.

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    Families are free to sign up using Bookwhen, paying by session and gaining access to 60+ different courses aimed at a huge variety of interests across ages 4-16. Courses available include:

    • Homework Club
    • Comic Book Making
    • Drama
    • Debate
    • Dance
    • Yoga
    • 11+ exam prep
    • Math club
    • English club

    Parents then receive access to seamlessly enter this virtual classroom. Our aim is to offer a resource for parents to rely on when they need extra activities or ongoing support to keep learning and stay engaged.

    Holland Park tutors are well-versed and resourceful in the most effective methods of distance learning. Utilising such technology platforms that enable interactional whiteboards, screen sharing, and video conferencing hosted by Holland Park, tutors deliver effective and interactive support to students.

    Standard courses start from £20 per session. Schedule is subject to change.

    Please click here to view our schedule and book. Please call us at 0207 034 0800 if you have any questions.



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