Holland Park Education is uniquely positioned to support in education consultancy and tuition needs for parents and students looking for the perfect university, ahead of other businesses in the industry.

    We appreciate that the world is becoming a smaller place, with more opportunities for our children to learn further afield. Our USA University Consultant Susie Cochin de Billy is uniquely equipped to help with your USA university needs.

    • Locate the perfect UK university, USA university or London university for your children
    • Smooth and efficient transfer between universities, from within the UK and abroad
    • Offer external programs and further challenges for adequate university prep

    Holland Park Education has identified the best services to offer clients from all over the world, in order to address all of their university needs.

    • Providing unique academic assessments at 16+ level to adequately place students within their capability for certain universities
    • Choosing top UK and/or USA universities based on pupil and family criteria
    • Support in applying to competitive UK universities and standing out from the crowd
    • Offering interview prep and feedback
    • Assistance in working with UCAS application service
    • Assistance with Clearing

    Please get in touch for details on the breadth of our university support services, including how we can help with either/or the UK and/or USA university applications.

    “The decisions that sixth formers make will alter not only their career path but also who they meet and what kind of university experience they have. That’s why it’s important to get it right.”

    Whatever a young person’s ambitions might be, university-level education opens doors. The decisions that sixth formers make will alter not only their career path but also who they meet and what kind of university experience they have. That’s why it’s important to get it right. We work with students to win places at all of the major universities in the UK and the USA.

    The university entrance process must start with a careful consideration of ‘what course?’ and ‘where?’. We work very closely with families to consider academic, social and pastoral needs. We invest time in getting to know the student whilst helping them to identify which courses and universities would be suitable for them.

    Our consultants are excellent listeners. We will ask the right questions and provide an impartial sounding board, bringing the student to the decision that is right for them. Perhaps a student has always lived in a major city; we can talk to them about the pros and cons of living on a campus instead. Maybe they have always assumed that they will study Business & Management with a view to taking on the family firm; we will look at alternative ways of building business experience whilst at university. Often the student feels overwhelmed by options, and does not know where to start; we can take them through the decision-making process systematically in order to make them feel confident of their choice.


    Once we have together identified a course that will allow the student to build on their existing skills and pursue their ambitions, we will support them in reaching the institution of their choice. Writing an effective Personal Statement or application essay, which neatly encapsulates not only why they feel passionate about taking the course and why they are the right candidate, is challenging.

    Our subject specialists can help with Personal Statements and essay writing from planning, through drafting and on to polishing the whole document. Successful applications to universities in the UK and the US require organisation and accuracy; our consultants will ensure that students demonstrate both whilst presenting themselves in the best light possible.

    Our consultants also help students with selection and entry to postgraduate courses (including MBA study) – guiding them through the significant number of offerings and ensuring their applications are well constructed.



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  • “We believe that decisions about education should be exciting, not bewildering.”