If you’ve been anxiously awaiting your child’s GCSE or A Level results all summer, now that the results are out, you can start looking to the future! But what if the results weren’t exactly what you were expecting? Don’t panic! Let Holland Park help you navigate your next steps.


    The worse thing you can do is panic. If your teen’s A-Level results are disappointing and they missed out on a place at any of their university choices – there are still tens of thousands of places available to apply for through Clearing. They may not feel up to the task – but now is the time to take some deep breaths and research the courses and universities that are available. Our guide to Understanding Clearing can also help. You want to ensure they don’t rush into the wrong course determined to go to ANY university.


    If poor results mean they cannot find a course through clearing – there is always the option to resit exams the following summer. Far from feeling like a failure – the extra time can allow them to re-evaluate their options and make the best decision. If they get disappointing GCSE results – most schools and colleges will let you study your GCSEs alongside A Levels for other subjects so don’t feel that resitting one or two subjects will completely hold you back.


    If your teenager doesn’t know what they want to do next – taking a Gap year could help them decide. Used constructively, a Gap year can look good on a CV giving them the edge over other applicants. A year of work experience can make also make applicants more appealing if they re-apply for University places for next year. Discover 10 Ways a Gap Year Can Improve Your Career.



    If it’s time to go back to the drawing board – we are on hand to help. At Holland Park our specialist consultants can take the time to create a Bespoke University Consultation. Following an academic assessment of your child, we can talk you through the available options and discuss the best choices moving forward. We offer a Personal Statement Review to help your teenager make the right impression if they need to apply for new courses. Once they’re successful and invited in for an interview- our Interview Preparation equips them with the tools they need to put their best foot  forward. Enquire today.






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