• Opening doors with online learning

    On the recent anniversary of the lockdown many of us reflected on the obstacles we faced in the last year and the innovative ways in which we overcame them. For my part, I had a chance to reflect on the new ways that we have found to reach our students and to prepare them for some of their biggest academic challenges to date.   

    Online tuition has opened up so many doors for my students, who I have seen develop and mature over the past year. Not only has the virtual learning environment encouraged the learners to embrace the technology that they will be working with for years to come, but it has also allowed them to develop an independence in their studies due to the nature of the online classroom. Although many of us foresaw difficulties in teaching the younger years online, younger learners displayed an ever-growing focus and attention. In fact, with virtual open days, Zoom interviews and computerised testing, it is so heartening to see children progressing in their academic careers. 

    Online tuition has allowed us to reach students from around the world and this technology has helped us to overcome any geographical or logistical barriers in order to help an even broader range of children to prepare for their exams. 

    The 11+ can be a particularly trying time for children but it doesn’t have to be. While the 11+ exams require a specific exam technique and an in-depth knowledge of the subjects, I have found that a methodical approach to exam technique and embracing the individual learning style of each student relieves a huge amount of pressure that children may experience. 

    Students often have their heart set on their top choice school and with the new, innovative ways in which we are able to deliver education there’s nothing to stop them. 

    By Daria

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