• “Kids at Home”: The best ways to enjoy art from home

    It is a brave new world out there, with parents and caregivers all over the world adjusting to meeting work obligations from home, making sure e-learning and childcare happens, and staying sane. One of our top Specialist Consultants, Carole Laugier, advises how to take a breath and de-stress with some art and culture in your own home.

    Holland Park Education are constantly adding interactive art classes to our online timetable. Cecilia Wray is teaching about illustration, and Eleanor is offering all sorts of mediums from collage, to drawing to narrative, portraiture and beyond.

    Other resources include Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems or enjoy the stories, classes, and inspirations from My Modern Met. The Children’s Museum of the Arts is another great source for inspiration with daily drawing challenges inspired by different contemporary artists every week.

    Now that all cultural institutions are currently closed, take a virtual tour with Google’s Art and culture site, where you can also take lessons and explore the cities. The Guggenheim is offering a packed schedule of art classes and kids can take a tour of some of MoMA’s permanent collection highlights from the comfort of their own home or take up some art activities inspired by works in the collection.

    Colouring is a wonderful means of calming and reducing stress levels, so why not download a PDF from  the #ColorOurCollections initiative, which includes hundreds of participating institutions. Kids can learn how to create work like Vincent Van Gogh (and hear age-appropriate details of his life) with the Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, or color metropolitan street grids thanks to the New York Public Library. Or we can colour in the company of leading contemporary artists through #ColoringFromHome—where a series of daily sessions on Instagram Live features artists will be completing pages from the artist-designed RxArt Coloring Book. Or why not pop over to the Tate where you can take fun quizzes such as “Which Arty Hairstyle Should You Get?” or “Which Art Animal Art You?” or create your own playdough sculpture or create a chocolate painting.The Getty has its own online platform with multiple collection-based memory games and even teaches “knucklebones,” a game played by children in ancient Greece.

    So, take a breath, relax and de-stress with a new art project.

    About Carole Laugier: Carole Laugier is a University Advisor and Art & Design Consultant. She brings her experience from the educative and creative industries to this short article in which she shares her curiosity and thirst for keeping our brains active and connected through innovative means during this unprecedented time.




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