• DTO Motorsport: Developing core skills for a lifetime of driving

    With thousands of teenagers learning to drive, do our current driving lessons really prepare our children for the road? Holland Park is thrilled to be partnering with DTO Motorsport, who has provided an introduction to this esteemed enterprise and explains why they are set apart.

    At DTO Motorsport we believe that current driving tuition doesn’t fully prepare first time drivers, with young drivers 7x more likely to be involved in a crash than older drivers. At DTO we have designed comprehensive driver training courses that equip young drivers with advanced driving skills that will prepare them for all types of weather conditions and road types. Our courses are taught by professional driver coaches who work with our clients on both public roads and at private test tracks.

    We teach safe and appropriate responses to hazards and adverse weather conditions for example, aquaplaning, ice or a loss of control. “Many young drivers will pass their driving test without having experienced these conditions, we feel passionate about equipping inexperienced drivers with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to become capable, confident and safe behind the wheel. Having spent 20 years in professional motorsport, I believe young people deserve a better standard of driving tuition.” Rob West, DTO Founder.

    Our courses can be tailored to your requirements and delivered across the UK in either a 1-2-1 or group setting. Our DTO team have experience coaching drivers of all skill levels and can prepare young drivers yet to obtain a UK license with our First Steps Programme or for those who have acquired their licence, our Advanced Driver Training programme.

    Please contact ben@dtomotorsport for more information.



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