Going to university can be incredibly exciting and a little daunting. We asked the Holland Park team what they wish they had known when starting university and here are their top tips:

    “Sign up to lots of activities at the Freshers Fair – joining a sports team is a great way to make friends.” (Henrietta, St Hugh’s College, Oxford) 

    “Don’t be afraid to get stuck-in straight away with a club or activity – it’s a great way to make friends with not only fellow Freshers but also students from older years. You’ll also be grateful for something that provides balance in your life and maybe some more real-world experiences like team management for when you graduate.” (Alicia, Trinity Hall, Cambridge)

    “I wish I’d taken more jumpers because I grossly underestimated the Scottish winter!” (Jake, St Andrews)

    “Approaching your first piece of work can seem daunting. Make use of office hours with lecturers to ensure your work is suited to course requirements!” (Avesta, King’s College London)

    “Take a nice pack of biscuits – an excellent way of breaking the ice with your new roommates or neighbours.” (Anna, College of St Hild and St Bede, Durham)

    “Never be embarrassed to let your parents take you shopping  this is not just true to preparing for university but any time while you’re a student. Let them stock you up on food and clothes and save your precious money for more frivolous things.”(David, St Edward’s Hall, Oxford)

    “If you are set an assignment you don’t quite understand, never be afraid to ask questions. You are at university to learn, and no one will judge you for being an enthusiastic student.” (Eve, St Hilda’s College, Oxford)

    “Take some posters for your walls. It will make your new room feel like home.” (Camilla, Exeter College, Oxford)

    “Be brave when you go to your first lecture for a new course! Sit next to someone you don’t know and start up a conversation with them. I met one of my closest friends this way.” (Mila, University of Auckland)



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