The UK’s prep schools are among the best in the world. They offer an outstanding education as well as preparing students – aged seven to 11 or 13 – for the country’s top senior day and boarding schools.

Most of the prep schools in London are day schools, while many schools outside the city have flexible boarding options. Entrance exams to prep schools are either at 7+ or 8+ (Year 2 or Year 3). The prep schools themselves prepare students very effectively for competitive entrance exams to senior school at 11+ (in Year 6) and 13+ Common Entrance (Year 8).

We support children sitting entrance exams and our specialist tutors help prepare for:

  • 7+ & 8+ entrance for preparatory schools
  • 11+ Common Entrance exams for secondary schools
  • Pre-assessment for 13+ Common Entrance taken in Years 6 and 7
  • 13+ Common Entrance and school-specific entrance
  • Scholarship examinations for top public schools at 11+ & 13+



We offer:

  • Private tuition with experienced entrance exam tutors
  • Group and personalised revision courses
  • Mock interviews and interview preparation
  • Exam and interview confidence and performance coaching
  • Academic assessments
  • Personalised advice on school choices and admissions


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