There are two stages of intake to prep schools. Traditionally, the exam at 8+ (in Year 3) was used to choose the students who would form the school’s next intake. Now, the most selective schools seeking to get first claim on the most promising students test students at 7+ (in Year 2).

    The core areas assessed at 7+ and 8+ are English, Maths and Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning.

    Due to extremely high levels of competition, most of the children taking these exams will be familiar with the exam through one-to-one tuition.

    “A child’s prep school can have a measurable effect on their academic performance and the senior schools they may go on to.”


    Our tutors are very experienced with the exam format at 7+ and 8+ and have helped countless children to pass these exams.

    Tuition programmes will:

    • Ensure all curriculum areas and subject matter is covered and understood
    • Ensure familiarity with exam format and working under timed conditions
    • Create a positive approach and attitude to the examinations

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