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    Language tuition is one of the most common requests at Holland Park, with French being a central subject in many schools. We can offer tutors for any level, whether that is a primary student making their first steps in a new language or a university student deciphering French poetry. Our tutors and consultants are also on hand to assist with any professional queries requiring French, offering one-off sessions or more on-going support. Our tutors also offer French conversation sessions, if the learning is primarily for pleasure and travel. For any task you can choose to work with one of our many native French speakers, in order to perfect accent and learn idioms, or to work with a fluent non-native speaker, who can help with the learning process from a point of experience.

    French can form a part of scholarship assessments, and is often a key language taken through to GCSE and A-Level. Our tutors have helped hundreds of students through their exams at all levels whilst also offering more general support in this subject, focusing not only on topics but also on the key techniques of writing, reading, speaking and listening in the language.

    To find your ideal French tutor, please contact the office on +971 (0) 4 313 2977 to discuss how we can help or complete our enquiry form here.