As school and university entrance becomes increasingly competitive, it becomes more important for a young person to shine at interview. Holland Park’s specialist interview preparation programme will help any interview candidate, from 7+ entrance up to selective graduate schemes.

    Our expert pyschologist, Gary Leboff, works with both children and adults to address areas where confidence may be holding a person back from achieving their goals. Families are frequently amazed at the difference Gary’s work can have in helping tackle fears and anxieties. Over the years we have had countless messages of thanks for Gary’s help in achieving once seemingly impossible results.


    Interview technique is about a lot more than a firm handshake and interviewers are able to see through someone who has been ‘coached’ to answer questions in a particular way. A light touch approach, teaching the young person to speak about their achievements with confidence but not arrogance, is essential. Our experts will sensitively look at body language and tone whilst discouraging the ‘one size fits all’ approach to interview technique; students must, after all, be themselves.

    For Oxbridge and other university interviews we have a unique programme which pairs the candidate with a subject specialist as well as our Confidence and Performance Coach Gary Leboff. This encourages hopeful applicants to consider both what they are saying and how they are saying it.


    Children and young adults who are worried about upcoming exams need a motivational boost for their revision or have had a negative experience with a particular teacher or in a specific subject can all benefit from these sessions.

    Confidence and performance coaching does not just apply to face-to-face interactions such as interviews. The way in which a student tackles a traditional written examination can also be dramatically affected by their attitude. Holland Park’s students benefit from Gary Leboff’s inspiring approach to written tests; he works with individuals to help them develop a ‘can-do’ mentality which shines through in their written work.


    We believe that education should be a source of inspiration for young people, not anxiety. Learning should be fun and challenge should be a positive concept. That is why we are committed to nurturing confidence in all of our students.

    Those who have been in an environment that has not cultivated their self-esteem, or those who are naturally shy and would like help coming out of their shell, will benefit from the empathetic and encouraging approach of our tutors. Confidence Coach Gary Leboff also offers support to those who are worried about something, suggesting tools for overcoming anxiety. The holistic approach that underlies all of our work puts confidence-building at the fore and we find nothing more rewarding than helping a young student realise that they can achieve anything.


  • “We believe that decisions about education should be exciting, not bewildering.”