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    “After struggling with both English Language and Literature since moving to secondary school, we were concerned that our son would not achieve his full potential in these subjects as he had been attaining a grade ‘C’ during mid-year exams. John has been amazing because he was able to quickly assess those areas that Aaron required improvement and has helped his understanding whilst at the same time giving him confidence in how to answer exam questions. John has a very relaxed, friendly and confident style of tutoring and we are delighted with our son’s recent mock exam results where he has achieved an ‘A’ in both subjects.” Father, London

    “Aleks has an excellent command over both Mathematics and English. His detailed strategy to overcome the school’s curriculum shortfalls has helped my son greatly to achieve the required goals so far.” Father, Northolt

    “Aleksandar has been doing a really wonderful job with George. George has a slight learning weakness in English, however, with Alex’s help, he has been securing very high grades in his English recently. His latest English comprehension exam result was 78%, which, for a boy who struggles with English is remarkable. Alex makes learning interesting, and George really enjoys his sessions with him.” Mother, Fulham


    English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

    One to one support is invaluable when learning any language, as skills can be improved and confidence boosted with directed, individual sessions. Our tutors and consultants can offer EFL for anyone, whether for a young student who has relocated from abroad or with business projects that require very specific terminology and assistance. Tutors focus on all aspects of the language, from conversation-based sessions working on speaking and listening or text-based sessions looking into reading and writing, giving a thorough grounding in the language as a whole.

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