• Rhiya’s Year At Portland Place

    Holland Park Education sat down with one of their star students, Rhiya, to hear all about her first year at her new school Portland Place. Thank you Rhiya for spending some time with us to give your feedback! 

    About Rhiya: Rhiya has lived in many different countries but most recently in Athens, Greece. Her family came to Holland Park to seek help in finding the right schools for their three daughters, including Rhiya. Rhiya was excited to come back to the UK, she had lived here when she was little and was now ready to be involved in finding the right school for her and giving this important decision some very careful, grown-up thought. 

    What’s your favourite part of school?  

    I like the moments in between classes when I can see my friends, and everyone meets up in the hallway and talks about how their day is going. I like being social, and as a new student, it’s important to have the chance to talk to new friends. My favourite subject is Geography because it’s interesting to learn about where everything is. I have travelled a lot, so I like seeing these places on the map. I also love art, especially abstract art. 

    What do you remember about your first visit to Portland Place?  

    I definitely remember being excited about how cool the art studios are. I was also fascinated by the music rooms which I have come to love. I remember a student learning the violin when I visited, and it made me excited to try new instruments. I love the sax, but I’ve been inspired to take on the guitar next year.  

    It’s also stayed with me how nice everyone was when I visited. Everyone was really welcoming and now I have lots of friends. 

    What book are you reading at the moment?  

    At the moment I’m reading a book called ‘Warning Signs’. I would really recommend it, particularly if you’re interested in books about witches! 

    The story takes place in a town that thinks the inhabitance are witches. Through the story, I am learning to appreciate that being different isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it actually makes you special because you do things in a new way. 

    What did you miss most about school during COVID?  

    I missed being in the classroom. I like learning with people, and it was hard learning through Zoom. 

    What do you want to be when you grow up?  

    I want to run a fashion company. My best friend Mia is a really good designer, and I would run the business part.  

    What are you doing this summer?  

    I can’t wait to travel. Hopefully, I will go to Greece and Ireland with my family- and Mia has invited me to Disneyland!  

    Thank you Rhiya and congratulations on everything you have accomplished this year! 



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