• My Passions in Life

    ‘Passion’. Now there’s a word… truth be told, I am actually passionate about passion fruit, believe it or not. And mangoes. But here, I am going to share my innate passion for both education and equality. A cliché this is not.  

    I say ‘innate’, on account of spending four point five decades, passionately championing both, whether consciously or unconsciously. Literally sometimes in my sleep! It took me three of those decades to learn that simultaneously, education and equality saturates the DNA of both my paternal and maternal ancestors. Now I know why my passion exists – occasionally beyond that which my conscious mind can comprehend. 

    Equality is not an abstract concept on paper. It needs to permeate the heartbeat of everything we do, for it to manifest beyond being a conversational concept. It is the very component that is needed to ensure that as an empathetic human race, we can all strive to be the best version of ourselves within our daily lives.  

    A holistic approach to education, with a genuine equality of opportunity for all learners; are some of the major building blocks that support and enhance the component of equality. 

    I am blessed to have had a twenty plus years career, where my passions were brought to fruition and continue to thrive. This ranges from being a published author on British Values, Ancient African History and Black British History. As an Equality Consultant, I have written bespoke Equality Programmes for schools; delivered staff training across Yorkshire, conducted workshops as a conference speaker, provided Charity Board training in responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 – as well as being an Equalities Assessor for Leeds schools. Not at all least, whilst teaching an abundance of inspirational young people in school settings as well as privately, every step of the way. 

    You see… it is not all about maths, English and science! That said, I am vehemently passionate about the teaching profession also. 

    By Saluka

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